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Some post-secondary private vocational schools make promises regarding employment after graduation, but they are not always able to keep those promises. By the time you realize these promises were false, you may have expended great amounts of time, effort and money on an education that has little worth. The Lewis Law Firm in San Diego, California, can represent you to work toward fair compensation for misrepresentation.

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Here's an example: A vocational school tells students that they have a 95% chance of being hired with a yearly salary between $50,000 and $100,000 within one year of graduation. The student enrolls at the school and graduates. But after graduation, the student is unable to find a job, so he or she tries to apply to another university for post-graduate work but is denied admission because the credits from the vocational school will not transfer. That student is now faced with a student loan for tuition to obtain a degree which the school promised would give him or her a lucrative career soon after graduating. In reality, the school may have made empty promises.

Some common areas of misrepresentation by a school to a student may include:

  • Graduation rates unsupported by viable data
  • Unusually high post-graduation employment rates in the field of study
  • Post-graduation earnings outlook which may be too speculative

If you relied on promises made by your post-secondary private college or vocational school, and you believe those promises were untrue, an experienced lawyer may be able to help.

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