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Are You the Target of Bullying? An Attorney Can Help

If you are the target of a school bully, get help from adults you can trust. Trustworthy adults can help stop school bullying and prevent it from happening again.

Depending on exactly what has happened, an attorney may also be able to help you. I am a San Diego education law attorney who has extensive experience representing students whose rights have been violated in the educational system.

If you have questions about your rights in response to serious school bullying, Contact me at the Lewis Law Firm to schedule a free consultation in a compassionate and confidential setting.

What Is the Definition of Bullying?

A single rude comment or physical incident may not be bullying. That said, a single physical or sexual attack may constitute some form of criminal conduct, and you should consider contacting the police.

School bullying usually occurs when one or more people target a student and engage in a pattern of mean or rude comments, threats of physical or sexual violence, or actual physical or sexual violence.

Bullying can be verbal comments, derogatory jokes, unwanted sexual advances, derogatory or defamatory entries on blogs, Facebook, Twitter or any other forum.

Bullying can be also take the form of physical or sexual assault.

Bullying is terribly harmful to the victim and may result in serious physical and/or emotional health problems.

Who Can Be a Bully?

Sadly, anyone is capable of being a school bully. Students bully other students. Adults can be bullies, too. Teachers, sports coaches, school counselors, or other figures of authority can be bullies.

How Can a Lawyer Help Victims of School Bullying?

California does not yet have any specific laws to help the victims of school bullying. However, a knowledgeable education law attorney may be able to suggest possible legal actions — depending always on the specific circumstances of the individual's situation.

It is especially important to contact a school bullying lawyer if any of the following is true:

  • You have been physically or sexually assaulted
  • You reported the bullying behavior to a teacher or your school principal but the bully was not disciplined and the bullying has continued
  • A teacher, coach or other adult is the one doing the bullying

Contact the Lewis Law Firm for Help With School Bullying

It would be great if every school in California had a zero-tolerance policy with regard to bullying. Until that is true, trustworthy adults and legal advocates can help protect students who are victims of bullying.

For more information about your legal rights, contact my San Diego law firm to schedule a free consultation.

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