Know The Proper Steps To Take After Being Injured In A Car Accident Or Other Incident

Following a motor vehicle accident, most of us know it is important to exchange information with the other driver. However, we often don’t realize the seriousness of an injury, the soreness, the tender pain, all which must be treated by a medical professional.

At Lewis Law, in San Diego, we routinely hear people who are involved in a motor vehicle accident say, “It was just a slight feeling of uneasiness, so I went on home, only to wake up unable to turn my neck without pain.” Or they tell us, “I thought it would go away in a few days.”

Only when an injured person realizes the pain is not going away do they seek medical treatment. This delay in seeking medical treatment can be dangerous to your health, while postponing the call to an attorney can negatively affect your personal injury lawsuit.

Take The Right Steps After An Accident

After an accident, people worry about their car and how it will get repaired, but many don’t pay enough attention to their body and the injuries they may have suffered.

Lewis Law represents people who suffer injuries from auto accidents, as a driver or passenger, in rideshare accidents, in truck accidents, or due to a property owner’s or property manager’s negligence.

When injuries require medical treatment, we expect our insurance company to cover our medical bills. What many people do not know is that insurance companies often aim to minimize the amount they pay out, deny a claim completely, or expect you to pay back what the insurance paid you.

We Are Ready To Protect Your Rights

The legal ramifications of being injured through no fault of your own can turn into large mountains of paper and confusion. Lewis Law is here to help. Our experienced injury lawyer can unravel the confusion. Call Lewis Law for a free consultation at 619-758-3486 or send us an email.

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